Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Masterpiece Waiting to be Revealed!!

The process of making this documentary is going at full speed with filming, editing, and coming up with a good script.  Before I know it I will have my documentary ready for the whole world to view it.  It's a bit stressful but I've realized that making videos is a hobby I'm very passionate about.  I kind of had the idea that making videos is something I'm passionate but now I know for sure that I like doing this.  I think part of the reason that I've succeeded at making videos is because I have a very good teacher/video making mentor in Dale Dilworth.  He's taught me a lot of tips that help attract people to videos.  He is also making one about my school and I'm learning a bit through watching him during his video making process.  


  1. I just recently watched your trailer and I am really excited to see the final video. I love how you have turned a passion, helping your school that you care so much about, into a bridge to yet another possible passion which could be filming and making videos. Everything starts off small like a hobby and then the more you do it and interact with it, it can develop into something with more drive, like passion.

  2. Alan,
    The image doesn't come out clearly, could you try and reload it?
    Looking forward to the documentary!

  3. Alan, Have you shared this with Dale? Let him know how much he has helped you? Have you thought about combining your interest in business and your love of film? Could you become a producer of documentaries, perhaps?