Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Bit Skeptical on this Project

I don't want the end of the school year to come by and for me to look down on my project. I'm willing to put in the effort but I know it will bring me down at the end if I don't see a reward. My project isn't to make a documentary. My project is to give back to the school with money that I will make from people liking my documentary so much that people will give money to my school. If I only get a documentary made but don't get people to donate money then this project should be considered a failure. I know I'm a little harsh on myself but I like to push myself hard to be happy with the end product of my project. Once the last cent comes into my school fund raiser is when I can say that I'm done with this project.

I'm doubting whether or not to follow through on this documentary. I really want to show the world my school and what it has done to help me but at the same time I have a felling that it won't work out. I have way too much stuff on my plate and I feel like I won't have enough time to make this video as best as I can. I really like my project but I know that if I don't make any money I would consider it a failure. I want to see a monetary reward at the end and if that doesn't happen I'm afraid that this project must have been a waste.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Giving Back

Although I like making videos, creating a documentary wouldn't necessarily be my passion. I enjoy making videos but I have never made one outside of class. In other words, I've made a bunch of videos for different classes but never something for as big as my school. This documentary will stand for an idea that I highly care about: giving back. I think it's the best way to raise money and and the funnest as well. I don't know why I want to give back. I feel like I owe something to the school since I've been here for so long. I know making this documentary will bring back memories of my experience here at Chinquapin and it'd be great to share those with people as well.

The point of giving back is so that I don't feel guilty after I graduate. The school depends on money so much and the teachers at my school are always talking about how without donors the school would shut down. If I at least attempt to make money for my school I would be content. Whatever the outcome comes out to be would be great for I at least tried to help my school.