Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Video is going Viral!.....Maybe??

Now that I've made up my mind I want to let the world know about the video I will be posting mid-February. I will post it on YouTube and the plan is for it to go viral so that I can get money for it. I read an interesting article called "Cashing In on Your Hit YouTube Video". The article gave me different ideas and different components to include in my video. But one of the points that the article makes is that it mainly doesn't depend on me. The article said I will need an "unpredictable cocktail of luck and timing".

Now I feel a bit better because even if I made a perfect video it doesn't really depend on me. If I'm lucky I'll get viewers, if I'm not lucky then I'll have to find a way to make money for the school. But now I know that I have to finish my documentary as early as possible to give myself as much time as I can in order for my video to get the most videos it can by the end of April hopefully.

So now I'm making it official. I, Alan Rodriguez, am declaring to make a documentary to help fund my school and I'm not holding anything back. I have a few ideas for the documentary but my blog viewers are going to have to wait on this one.


  1. Great idea Alan. I like what you are trying to do with your project. I agree that there needs to be a documentary about the school. I remember this documentary that I saw in middle school, but I think that there needs to be a new updated documentary about Chinquapin.

  2. I see what you mean about the video being a success. But, I don't know how I feel about the whole relying on luck idea.I agree that the majority of viral videos that become successes do so on mere luck. But, perhaps there are underlying causes or conditions. Maybe you can do some research and try to determine these causes if they exist and try to re-create some of those same conditions for your video just to give yourself a better chance of success.