Friday, February 3, 2012

My Panel Members

My panel will have four members. I only have three so far but I'm in search for the last one. Each member has their own role so far and I feel like they're all a great group of friends that want to help me. The first is a faculty member from my school who has experience with video, he teaches a video class, and has helped me before in other videos that I have made. His name is Dale Dilworth. The second, Bruce Longaker, is my mentor. He has helped me a lot with personal problems that I've had in the past 2 years and I know he would love to help me with my project. He knows a lot of people and I know he will be good help when I'm trying to reach out to people in Houston. The third panel member is an expert in the field. His name is Jeffrey Mills and is the President of his company Documentary Alliance. He's done several documentaries for Chinquapin and is willing to help me on weekends. Now, I'm just in search for my fourth and final panel member. He or she has to be a board member from my school and is related in funding or video-making. I've talked with Bridget Anderson, the Director of Development at my school and she told me that she's in search of finding my last panel member.
So far I like all my panel members. I get a long well with all of them and I know we'll be able to put together a great video.

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